The State of Our Heart is Critical

The heart is the seat of our identity - the place where we live life from. Finding permanent peace in your heart is the most fulfilling journey you can embark on. Join me as I recount the story of my heart transformation so you too can find hope for peace that remains in spite of our often changing circumstances.


  • 2023 Adventures with Jesus!

    I believe you will agree – the heart within matters! The heart is the seat of our identity – it is where we live from. Too often our hearts are filled with worry, fear, angst, pain and strife. Is it even possible to find permanent heart peace? I lived decades of my life rarely finding times of sustained peace……until in recent years when I began a very different journey through opening my heart to know God in ways I had never known were possible. I began to experience His promises in my day to day real life.

    It was in the early morning hours of predawn when I was impressed of the Holy Spirit to begin to write a blog that would chronicle some of my journey over the past three to four years; a journey from the place of failure, shame, guilt and frustration to a place of redemption, healing and sustained peace regardless of my outward circumstances – a place I would never have believed I could possibly experience. So welcome to my blog – because our hearts really do matter!

    The Measuring Stick

    It has been awhile since I have written. Inspiration birthed by the Holy Spirit is so important, so I chose not to write until it came. And it did! I have been blessed to be out of winter for a period of time, in a place where life is simpler, and slower. Where I can…

    The Power of Acceptance

    Our hearts were created to bloom and blossom through the nurture and power of our loving Father’s acceptance. Our original paradise was a place of complete acceptance – Adam and Eve did not initially know anything different – until they committed sin and suffered separation from God and His Presence. Innately they knew something had…

    Easy and Light

    The innate need for acceptance became a driver in my life, a need so strong, I abandoned myself to it – drifting where it took me with little resistance. At the age of fifteen, I began to find remnants of what felt like acceptance, with peers, who like me, were dipping into tasty temptations, willing…

The heart matters – it really matters. It is the seat of our identity – the place where we live from. From the time we are born our heart begins to receive messages that over time translate into beliefs – slowly painting a picture of how we perceive ourselves – who we believe ourselves to be. And that becomes our identity. While some of us receive positive messaging in our developmental years many of us receive a confusing mixture or even worse – negative messaging. Those negative footprints on our heart begin to establish patterns in our behavior which can set the path to failure, destruction and hopelessness. So many of us live with inner turmoil and guilt, never able to find a place of peace or acceptance – striving to be better, seeking the approval of others while becoming ripe bait for toxic codependent relationships. In spite of our best efforts there is much that remains unresolved. This blog brings good news – there is a way to sustained heart peace – regardless of our outward circumstances. Through my real life experiences – seeking to be transparent and vulnerable – I invite you to journey with me as I recount short stories of my journey from hopelessness, weariness and frustration to a place of peace I would have never dreamed possible. Changing yourself through self help and endless effort reaps only what your will power will sustain. Transformation of the heart is positive, permanent, and painless.

It was late in 2021 when in the early predawn hours I was impressed in my spirit to begin a blog to share this lifechanging journey. I am trusting God will provide as I learn – I thank you in advance for your patience with me as I learn the mechanics!

I would be so honored if you would join me as I begin this journey of heart transformation with you – I truly hope you will be inspired or at very least feel a spark of curiosity to choose to come along!

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